Welcome to DariusGuerrero.XYZ!

Gimmicky domain name, ain't it? I love it. Brings that modern tech startup CEO vibes.

This is like my 5th website. This one will be different from the other ones.

How so? Well, for starters, this one won't be canon to the AppSir, Inc. Universe. AppSir, Inc. is a game development company that is also the evil corporate villain within the storyline of its games. AppSir is pretty new, but we had immediate success with games like DERE EXE and DERE EVIL EXE, Those games have been featured on Google Play and the App Store, and have their fair share of awards and accolades.

The other websites I've set up are all meant to portray this huge overarching story line. For example, I've set up a Neocities webpage about me wanting to become a game developer in the 90sand it has easter eggs and references to events that happen within the stories of AppSir's games. Funny this is, I did set up a very similar site like that when I was younger, only more cringe-worthy.

This website will be refreshing for me since it will allow me to express my thoughts without worrying if it will contradict the intentions of the character I portray in our games' stories. People will get a chance to know who the real man behind the curtain is. The real Darius Guerrero.

These posts will be candid, without grammar, pacing, SEO keywords, or any of that stuff in mind. You'll read my unfiltered thoughts on my own game development strategies, things I learned while acing my undergraduate course in Pyschology, interesting experiences I've had working for the government, my goals to become a lawyer and politician,  and my philosophies in life.

Darius Guerrero


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