Why Multi-Tasking and Doing Multiple Projects at the Same Time Is Actually a Good Thing

I just saw a video from Youtuber JacksFilms saying he feels burnt-out with his antics on his Youtube show YIAY. Other Youtubers have recently taken a break or quit the platform altogether. According to them, it's because they got tired of doing that one thing again and again and they feel trapped. They also worry all the time for their channel, and this happens because they put all their eggs in that one basket and they could lose it all if things don't work out.

It's not just about Youtubers too. I believe people's lives should not revolve around one's job. More often one won't hear this piece of advice from company managers - most would want their staff to devote their lives to the goals of their organization. However, when one think about it enough it makes a lot of sense. People aren't robots.

I've been making three game simultaneously for a while now: Crying Camera, The Last Yandere Part 2, and DERE Vengeance. I also get opportunities to conduct seminars from time to time and I've been reading up on law and business to better equip me for the future. The reason I maintain my momentum and don't get burnt out is because I make sure not to get too attached to just one job.

Attachment leads to worry. Worry leads to fear. Fear leads to resentment and stress. Stress leads to not-so-effective results.

I will also start writing on this blog consistently. Though these things may seem like work to some, I love doing them. They're the things I look forward to in the middle of the hundred things I do. It motivates me to finish all my game development tasks faster than I would have if it was the only thing I have scheduled for the day. Having multiple projects allow me the flexibility to shift from one tasks to the next with little adjustment time, and without getting sick and tired of doing only one thing.

If Jollibee had focused on selling ice cream alone, it would not be the mammoth business that it is today. If Wal-mart had not open multiple branches early, it would not have become a global brand. The greatest CEO's of our time have started multiple companies in diverse industries. The greatest inventors did not invent only one thing. Leonardo da vinci (painter and inventor), Steve Jobs (former CEO of Apple and Pixar), Nikola Tesla (physicist, engineer, and futurist) and many other greats live their life doing multiple things and succeeding in a lot of them. You're supposed focus might be the obstacle that's stopping you from achieving your true potential.

“Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” ― Dolly Parton

Don't feel guilty thinking of doing some side projects while you have your regular job. You can work on multiple projects without compromising your main. When you're done with one, use your momentum to finish another project. The fulfillment and happiness you get from finishing one task can transfer unto the next. When you get bored doing one task, just start working on the other one. Most likely, you'll finish more than the people who focus on only one thing. Besides, working on multiple endeavors might result in multiple achievements. These achievements can motivate you to do even greater things.

Now close this tab and open another one. Go out there and pursue your crazy dreams.

Darius Guerrero


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