My Thoughts on AppSir Games

Just wanted to share this. Whenever I feel lonely, I think about the fact that millions of people all around the world have played games I made, and games I helped make. It's not the awards and accolades these games get, it's the connection I got to make with all those people even for a few moments. It's special... for me. It's not the only thing I do, but it's my favorite.

Try 'em! They're all great standalone games, but if you play them all you'll really like how the narratives intertwine. They all take place in one shared universe: ours. Don't let the very young ones play these though, some of these can get a little dark.

1. Sorority Rites

 sorority rites visual novel horror game

This one is the origin story for Myles and Yanna. They later appear as antagonists in DERE EVIL EXE. Many people can relate to Myles. She didn't have any friends and she loves the smell of books new and old. The plot twist ending stays with you for a while.

2. The Last Yandere

 the last yandere visual novel horror game

This story is just nuts. As nuts as Kara herself, the main character in this story. World domination plans, secret societies, and a lovesick psycho. Everything in one short story.

3. DERE .EXE: The AppSir Prequel

 dere exe horror platformer game appsir

This went by many names. Ended up with this name so app store reviewers will understand that it's the prequel to DERE EVIL EXE. This one has THE LAST YANDERE's Kara as the main antagonist and it has a twist ending you won't forget.


 dere evil exe meta horror fourth wall breaking game

The most popular game in the series. The biggest YouTubers in the world played this, it got amazing reviews from Rock Paper Shotgun, PocketGamer, TouchArcade, and more. Got a Best of Gaming Award and was a finalist in the IMGA and the Mobile Games Awards too. This the culmination of all the games that came before it, and the story caps off with a lot of twists and turns.


 homebrew nes game retro gaming emulator

The first Filipino-made NES game. It works on an actual NES emulator! The retro gaming community had a great time playing this one. The story is a bit sad, and if you pay enough attention to the details in the background you'll uncover more twists. Despite the limitations of the NES, I really love this one. It's surreal, trippy, and unsettling.

6. Artificial Iridescence

 Artificial Iridescence appsir steam visual novel horror game

A short standalone story that's arguably the darkest one in the series. Do not let your kids play this one. Creepy, thought-provoking, and has a shocking ending not many storytellers would dare go for. Up until we made this one I didn't know a very short 15-minute visual novel would have so much impact.

I can't wait for the next ones.
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