Don't Forget Who You Are

I'm walking away from the regretful, sad self that I've become. I'm going to revert back to the happier, more hopeful self. The man I've been for the longest time and the man I'm going to be for the next decades.

It's not good that people who recently got to know me saw me as an overly emotional overthinker. It's even shown somewhat in my recent works such as HopBound, and the next book I'm going to release. They're old stories, sure, but the final product turned out more serious and depressing than planned.

Sometimes, I get sad knowing that I don't have anyone to create with. Then, just recently I started questioning why I even need someone else. It wasn't an issue before. I can learn to do anything. I didn't lose my intelligence, did I? All I needed was to believe in myself again.

Being depressed was a costly phase. I lost money, friends, and opportunities. It's time I end this once and for all.

I'm not going to accept that this sad person is who I'm going to be. I've taken a lot of steps to save myself from this path. I've stopped thinking about lives not lived and what could have been. I started working out a few months ago, losing about 20 pounds and gaining back my younger body. I've started work on projects the old me would have made. I'm regaining my passion, and bouncing back better than ever.

I'm finding myself again. Turns out, it's the old me.

The optimistic, smart, creative, adventurous, passionate, and super confident Darius that believes he can do anything.

I'm Darius the Great. LegenDarius.

What's meant to be, will be.

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