Some Things Aren't Destinations, They're Checkpoints

While playing DERE EVIL EXE, I got reminded that the checkpoints in the game were tombstones. I guess I picked that design because I knew the player character would be dying soon and they'd respawn at their grave.

We chase after those checkpoints and really need them, but they are not the endgame.

Though that checkpoint area offers stability and safety, it's not what the game is all about. If you had stayed at the checkpoint area in DERE EVIL EXE, you wouldn't be able to progress and reach higher levels. It's the same thing in life.

When you reach a new checkpoint area in DERE EVIL EXE, you're not going to be able to go back anymore. Learn to let go. Learn to live with that fact.

That's life.

- Darius Guerrero

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