Best Songs to Relax/Reminisce to - Part 1

Consider this post a fresh start for me and a reboot for my blog. Let's start with something safer.

Here are my favorite songs.

1. Getting It On by SALES

A dreamy song that's both regretful and hopeful.

2. A Parallel Universe by JYOCHO

This song captures the sense of relief you feel after a chaotic life event.

3. The Funeral by A Band of Horses

These horses are really talented! I heard this song in How I Met Your Mother's lebenslangerschicksalsschatz episode that reminded viewers their soulmate is out there.

4. Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron

I heard this one in the Walking with Dinosaurs movie. The song went perfectly with the sense of wonder and adventure the movie had. I also heard it during Community's bittersweet finale.

5. Under by AOSOON

Just breathe and exhale. This song helps with anxiety.

6. Black Sheep by Brie Larson and The Clash at Demonhead

I didn't know Brie Larson was an excellent singer, and I didn't know her tantalizing dance moves would make me have a crush on her. The video is both angsty and romantic, and it appeals to that teenage brain we still have inside us. This video got me to watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

7. Love You When I'm Drunk by MIKA

David Dobrik made this song famous, and it reminds me of the crazy times I had when I was still naïve. Bliss.


The song takes me to moments where I'm walking drunk with my friends at 3AM.


I haven't searched the lyrics for this one, but the beat of this surreal song is perfect to make art to.

10. Sofia by Clairo

The lyrics of this song weren't supposed to resonate with me, but that level of longing and love should inspire anyone.

11. Help I'm Alive by METRIC

This song perfectly captures the futility of life. There are some things we just can't control. We just have to give in.

More songs soon.

- Darius Guerrero

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