The Decade is Over


To all the people that doubted me
To all the girls I’ve loved
To all the friends I’ve made
To all the people that loved me
To all the people that hurt me
To all the people that stayed
To all the people that left

THANK YOU. Thank you for making this decade amazing.

10 years ago I …

Darius Guerrero's 11 Secrets to Success

1. You will never find your greatness in your comfort zone.

2. If you do something easy, your life will be hard. But if you do something hard. your life will be easy.

3. You don't get what you want, you get what you work for.

4. Look at the people in your life. Do they make you grow emotionall…

Season Finale: Ending The Battle

The past three days may have been the most meaningful 72 hours I've had this year. If my life was a sitcom, that would've been the season finale.

Two days ago, I got a call. This teacher was looking for the father of "Noel" which is my nickname when I was still a kid. I told the t…

My Thoughts on AppSir Games

Just wanted to share this. Whenever I feel lonely, I think about the fact that millions of people all around the world have played games I made, and games I helped make. It's not the awards and accolades these games get, it's the connection I got to make with all those people even for a fe…

You Shouldn't Post This

You ever have those days/months/years where you feel like everyone just wants something from you? And then you freely give and give and give. Because that's just how you are. And then you feel sad.
But people won't validate your sadness. It's impossible because you're smart, can le…
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