Who Are You People? Who is "LegenDarius"? What is This All About?

So yeah, today I just checked, and this empty blog site has about 41,000 hits, with over a thousand people viewing this site a month, which is impressive for an empty site. I used to have some posts on here from 2019, but that was like two years ago, right? Wait. It's been five years?! What?!

Now, I don't want to disappoint you fine fellows (I assume you're fine), so I will just give you all a link to my Neocities page if that's okay. I know it's not exactly mobile responsive, nor is the layout something you'd see in the modern era since it's made with notepad and uses technology from like the late '90s, but still, I think you'll learn a bit more about me there.

Here's the link to the site: https://dariusaur.neocities.org

I don't exactly go by "Darius Guerrero" anymore. I even found a way to scrub my surname off my personal social media on Facebook. Not that I'm not proud of my surname, I just want a bit more anonymity and to seem more mysterious and nonchalant. Please ignore the big header name on this site as it still reads "Darius Guerrero" but whatever.

The PR team suggested "Darius the Great," but it seemed too hard to rank up for that name, so I want to go by LegenDarius from now on. It's a nickname I have sparingly used since college. Oh, and my usernames on social media are mostly "Dariusaur" just because I love dinosaurs.

So, what's been going on with me? Well, I am now training for professional wrestling. It's not exactly going well. I've had sprains, head bumps, bruises, and other injuries just from training alone. But the art form has pushed me to work out more and exercise a bit. What's been hindering me is how I express myself in the ring. I have to find the right balance between relatable and feeling like the god that I am in real life, and the dissonance has really affected my performance in the ring.

I've also decided to take a break from my mental health to focus more on social media. I post almost every day, mostly low-effort content, that I think the voices in my head will find funny. The target audience of my jokes is mostly me, and I can't stop laughing at my own jokes, so it's been really therapeutic producing content online. I should have done this sooner. Regarding the software development stuff, don't worry, I'm still making new apps that will be released this year. Stay tuned for all of that!

As for this blog? Well, I'll check if I can put this as an iframe in the Neocities site so it doesn't die. Maybe I can keep writing more. This right now has been a fun experience for me. No filters. No censors. Just me writing to get things off of my chest. Writing to preserve the lore of "LegenDarius." Anyway, subscribe to my socials. There are buttons on the side of the site that will bring you to them. You won't regret it! Laters.

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